Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get Over It!

For those of us that are not Yankees or Phillies fans, perhaps we should simply put our disappointments and jealousies aside and enjoy what should truly be a Fall Classic.

Believe me, as a lifetime Mets fan, I am as unhappy as anyone that I have to sit through another World Series featuring “The Evil Empire”. If that’s not enough of a kick in the keister, the defending World Champion Philadelphia Phillies, and New York Mets “rival du jour”, create an impossible rooting situation for most Mets faithful.

I have some advice for my Mets brethren, not to mention all of Red Sox Nation, and any other fans still sobbing about what might have been. Get over it!

If you are truly a baseball enthusiast, then you can swallow your pride for a week or so, and enjoy watching the two best teams in baseball. No other matchup could possibly have offered more of a marquis atmosphere.

The 2009 World Series will feature a collection of players that posses a truckload of in-season and post-season hardware. This batch of MVP’s, CY Young award winners, Gold Glovers, past Series champions, and future Hall of Famers is spectacular. There is not a single significant accomplishment that has not been, or will not be achieved by this group.

I suppose a reunion with Joe Torre would have been cute for New Yorkers to talk about for a few days. A “Freeway Series” would have been electrifying…..for the handful of Californians that would choose baseball over Kobe this time of year.

The beauty of this year’s Series is that those of us that don’t have a rooting interest, can sit back, relax, and watch the past two AL CY Young award winners duel in Game 1, Pedro Martinez take another crack at the Yankees in Game 2, the greatest closer of all-time hurling once again in October, and winners of a total of five MVP’s in the past 6 years slug it out……not to mention post-season legends Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte, and 3-time defending Silver Slugger Chase Utley.

As for my personal rooting dilemma, I will stick to my guns and root against the Yankees….as always. If it’s too difficult to watch another celebration by either the Yankees of the Phillies, there is another alternative…..the opening of Michael Jackson’s “This is It” film.

I didn’t think so.

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